A Screeching Halt – Texas Mile priced out, what’s next?

cones1It seems our plans have been thwarted again. We had emailed the organizers of the Texas Mile a few weeks before registration opened about what the entry fees for the event would be. A reasonable, albeit still fairly large, number was returned, with a note that it may increase by as much as $20.

Cool, we’re all set.┬áThe day of registration arrived, and we eagerly clicked refresh waiting for entry to open up. And then it came to a screeching halt.

Wait, HOW MUCH?!?

When pulling up the registration page, we found that it had, in fact, increased. But instead of the $20 we were told, the number was actually $125 higher than the original figure. All this coming on the heels of their announcement that the Houston event they had planned for the spring would not be happening (hmm, coincidence?).

In the end, it’s obviously not too much, as the thing still sold out in around 3 hours. It is, however, a bit crazy that a two day HPDE at Circuit of the Americas (an FIA-spec 3.5 mile road course used by F1 cars) with the BMW CCA that same weekend would only run $15 more. So, what now?

cropped-Primary-Logo3The Ohio Mile, hosted by the ECTA, was already on the list for down the road, with the Texas trip being more of a shakedown/work the bugs out type of deal. It’s now the new target, though probably not this year.

Overkill? Maybe.

In the meantime, we’re going to go do some cone killing. The first NTAXS autocross event of 2014 was this past weekend, and the Japanese arm of the Acme fleet made the trek to the late Dallas Raceway for a bit of fun.

We’ll be making some additional changes to the car before we re-launch it on the unsuspecting masses, and we’ll keep the updates coming on here as we go.

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