Resting Placel_2785_1857_0B80F9A7-0D24-4BD7-B2C7-856A2F6A96EB.jpegNot surprisingly, a lot of work went into the transformation from forgotten relic collecting dust and the shiny red piece we have now.

One of the keys to success in life is knowing limitations – and our limitations list includes paint and body somewhere near the top. The car, like the truck, found its way to the shop of Bob Romig for some intense therapy with hammer and dolly, MIG wire, and a bit of filler.

Our original plan for the car called for GM Atomic Orange Metallic, but that train derailed with a phone call about the formula for that color. Being 2/3rds clear, 2 gallons would be required, stretching the paint budget significantly. In the same vein as the truck, a factory Mopar color – Salsa Red – was found to step in, and the result is far and away better than the orange would have been.

The car was primed and blocked twice, then headed into the booth for the final coats of red and clear.┬áThe resulting pearlescent coat of color is just right for a race car – shiny enough to catch attention in the lanes, but not immaculate to the point that it’s overly painful when the inevitable chip takes place.

Huge thanks to the Romigs for their stellar work.

Paint Details

  • Color: PPG Chrysler Salsa Red (used on PT Cruisers primarily)
  • All trim pieces painted with SEM Trim Black
  • Interior, underhood, & underbody shot with black PPG Epoxy Primer

Process Pictures

Fresh and cleanTrim PaintingIMG_3454IMG_3565Waiting for sandingReady for colorIMG_3769IMG_4615IMG_4787_1