Haulin’ Hay..and A Few Other Things

One of the things that makes a record-setting, drought-stricken, utterly miserable Texas summer tolerable is the thought that the mild winter to follow will provide the opportunity for activities that our neighbors to the north don’t get to experience. Such as heading to the drag strip a week before Christmas.

We got to enjoy that simple pleasure this year, and get a much-needed first trip with the 63 C10 shop truck in. Conditions were beyond words – density altitude started below 0 and never passed 600 all afternoon. Temps reached the mid-50’s as the day wore on, and as always, the guys at North Star Dragway made sure the cold track was still plenty sticky.

Overall, we were very pleased. Aside from some very unnerving handling characteristics stemming from front-end alignment issues (we eventually likened it to driving a boat through harbor at idle, only at 80+ mph with guardrails mere feet away), the truck did exactly what we were hoping to see, managing a best ET of 7.749, and best MPH of 88 and change. Not too bad for an old farm truck.

Here’s video of the best pass – watch for the wiggle:

Look for the transformation into full-on shop truck mode in the coming weeks – or months, we know how timelines go on these projects.

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