Shop Truck: On-board video from the track

After braving dense fog, near-freezing temperatures, fogged windows, and numb extremities, the truck surprised us again Sunday at North Star’s first bracket race of the year. Results from the driver were highly suspect, but the truck continues to amaze, lowering its best time by another .14 as the temperature came up.

The sun poked through the clouds a few times, but for the most part the first half of the day was utterly miserable with temps staying in the 40’s. It did eventually clear off, and as the track and air temp rose the beast came out. A (hoorrible) red light allowed me to run it out the back door, and my jaw dropped as I read 7.54 | 91 on the scoreboard. Luckily it did it again the next pass, otherwise I would have thought it was a fluke.

So, enough talking, let’s go for a ride –

The Camaro also seems to be pretty dialed in, running a series of consistent high 6.80 and low 6.90 passes. That makes two good trips in a row – which is, really, kind of scary – and quite cool.


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