Super Saturday

Since winter seems to have skipped right over us (though it is 40 degrees today), we decided to make the maiden trip to the track in our new for 2012 configuration: Camaro in the trailer, truck following behind. Pretty uneventful trip, which is precisely what we were looking for.

Got 5 runs in with the car, no surprises other than the fact that mineshaft air conditions had it bit lean.

The truck was much the same, little bit of a stumble off the line due to lack of fuel, but only managed to make two passes after discovering a little leak out of the back of the water pump.


It made the 120 mile round trip with hardly even a hiccup, and even managed 12.5 mpg. Oh, and threw down a 7.68 at nearly 90 mph, despite a nasty stumble at the hit of the throttle.


Overall, quite a satisfying Saturday. Now if only I could decide who to root for in this football game everyone’s talking about..

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