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Camaro Autocross Update: Part 3 of 3 – Spoiler Alert, Rain, and Optima!

Where were we? Right, quiet exhaust, new tires, some suspension adjustments, and new brakes were all in place – it was finally time to go make some noise!

Our schedule for the first part of the year was relatively simple, and aimed at one goal: the Optima Ultimate Street Car event at TMS March 28th and 29th. First up was Equipe Rapide’s first event of the year in February.

The forecast was hit or miss all week, and as we got closer it was apparent that we would need some luck on the run order to get a dry session (as we all know, the best way to ensure perfect weather is to leave the car at home). Sure enough, our luck held true to form and we drew last group, which fell during the heaviest rain of the day.

How did it go? Read on to find out.

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Camaro Autocross Update: Part 2 of 3 – Offseason Work Begins

When we last left off, we were headed into winter with a lot of plans, which I came to break down into a few simple objectives, in order of completion:

– Rolling (relatively) Quiet (new exhaust)
– Rolling Flat (swaybar mods)
– Rolling FAT (new tires and wheels)
– Stopping Reliably (upgraded calipers for road course duty)

There’s a ton of other possibilities, but with other projects and the holidays combining with the relatively short Texas offseason, this seemed like an achievable list. Did we get everything done?

Read on to see..

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Camaro Autocross Update: Part 1 of 3

Wow, it’s been a while since we updated on the status of the shop high speed delivery car (life, and shop time, tend to get in the way of the website). Let’s start with a recap of the end of last season, including the first 3 trips out with it.

A promising start

Our first outing was with the Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club in the massive asphalt jungle of Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie. All in all, for the first runs this day couldn’t have gone any better.

Eased through the first run – well, first half of the first run, and picked up from there (see the video below for how quickly things escalated). The car feels great overall. Pretty docile, really, compared to what I was expecting, both in terms of handling and getting the power down.

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The Waiting Game, Thawing Out & Autocross School

So what’s new with the Camaro? Not a whole lot, actually. We’re currently in the midst of some time-space issues with our transmission order (currently 2 months into a 4-5 week delivery estimate), but we’re finding ways to pass the time as the weather gets better.

Texas Thaw 2014

With the shop car in pieces (and too new for the ‘Thaw) we took the truck out for some straight line fun. The stated goal of the trip was to go and have a good time – let it run what it runs, not work on it, and most importantly not get pissed if things didn’t go quite as planned.

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